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Getting Paid to Surf

At first its hard to believe companies are paying people to surf the Internet, but it is true. There are practically no strings attached. The only thing you have to do is watch advertisement banners while you surf the Internet. And believe us, you forget the banners are there after a day or two!

How It Works
How and Why I Get Paid...
Wait, Are These Pyramid Schemes?
Are These Companies Legit?
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How It Works...

AllAdvantage was the first company that paid people to surf the Internet. They practically invented the industry. What they would do is pay you for watching advertisements on your computer while you surfed the Internet. All you had to do was keep a little advertisement bar open and you would get paid.

On top of getting paid to surf AllAdvantage would pay you for the time people surfed beneath you. For instance, if you referred a friend and he surfed the Internet for 20 hours a month, you would get a percentage of the advertisement revenue AllAdvantage got from his surfing.

Over time many new companies have come out. Most of these companies would pay you to surf the Internet, but slowly things started to change. Companies would then pay you to work at your computer as long as your viewbar was open and you were connected to the Internet.

Then companies started paying you to read emails and to use their start page as your homepage. One company, BePaid, even started paying you to watch commercial advertisements. Now we have many different companies who all offer a different service.

How and Why I Get Paid...

There are two main reasons you can get paid. First and most importantly, you get paid with advertisement money. When companies advertise banners on your computer, they pay the Pay-to-Surf companies. You then get a percentage of the money, and the Pay-to-Surf companies keep the rest.

The other reason is because you are getting paid for marketing these companies. Since you make referrals to the companies, you are essentially doing all the marketing these companies need. In essence, you are driving customers to the business. They do not have to place ads in newspapers, magazines and on TV anymore. You get paid for doing their marketing. And the better you market these companies, the more money you wind up making!

Wait, Are These Pyramid Schemes?

At first most people ask if these companies are pyramid schemes. The answer is no. They are instead, MLM companies. MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. They act in similar ways that pyramid schemes do, however they have a lot of major differences.

For one thing, you don't have to pay a dime to be a part of the company. All you are being paid for is your services. (watching advertisements, and marketing the company) Another reason is that these companies are providing you with a useful service. They are providing you with profit.

Are These Companies Legit?

That is a question you have to answer for yourself. Many companies have been around for quite some time now and have very little critism. However, many other companies are fradulent. This is usually not the case though. You have to pick and choose the companies carefully, and if you do you can make a decent amount of money. (depending on the amount of time you put into it that is)

Commentary On 10 Reasons People Love to Get Paid For Surveys

Here is something that I read promoting online surveys. I thought it would be fun to have comments from real people who actually take online paid surveys. I am going to start then hopefully it will get the ball rolling.

1) You can start making money immediately! – True, although we have to be realistic about this. It is semantics really – you START making the money but that doesn’t mean you get the money immediately. Depending on the online paid survey company, you get your payment or reward following certain schemes. It may be anywhere from a month or several months before you can actually get your hands on your money or reward.

2) No selling required to get paid for surveys. – Absolutely true! Well at least for those legitimate and honest ones. Actually this is a good warning sign for us. If a site or a company asks for money or asks you to buy something, then take that as fair warning that you may be on your way to being scammed (of course it is not always good to generalize).

3) You are your own boss - imagine never having to answer to a supervisor or manager again! – Again very much true. Then again, on the other hand, this means that you have to be disciplined enough to work without supervision. If you are not this type of worker then you will probably not earn enough even to pay for your DSL service!

4) Not MLM (multi level Marketing) or a pyramid scheme - enough said! – I must agree again. Of course, unless you talk about the scams…

5) You don't need a website to get paid to fill out surveys online. – I don’t quite get this. Since there was not really any explanation, I do not know what the guy meant with this sentence. However, if he meant that you do not need your own website to fill one out then it should be true.

6) No product inventory and product deliveries required. – I love this fact. However, it should be quite obvious, shouldn’t it? You sign up to take online paid surveys nothing else. There shouldn’t be any inventory or deliveries involved.

7) You don't need any computer technical skills. – Well…probably not at a technical support level. But since they are ONLINE paid surveys after all, you should at least have some knowledge of computers and the net.

8) No special education required to get paid for surveys online. – Oh yes, this is so true. Then again, the other requirements for online surveys do not really depend on a set of predictable factors. What I mean is that either you qualify or not, based on demographics.

9) You set your own schedule of how many hours you want to work in a day. – True. Still, your income would depend on how many invitations you get, which is not totally under your control.

10) No business overhead costs. – That is unless you count the electricity and DSL fees, which I assume you would be paying for anyway.

What is a mystery shopper program and why is it important?

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Mystery Shopping is the practice of using trained shoppers to anonymously evaluate customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising, and product quality.

  • When location, pricing, and product assortment are no longer unique, service is often the key to success or failure.
  • It costs 10x more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.
  • One unhappy customer will tell 5 other people of their bad experience with service.
  • Why customers leave:
    • 69% poor customer service
    • 13% poor product quality
    • 9% competitive reasons
    • 5% other
    • 3% move away
    • 1% die

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Here a short list of the most popular paid survey companies and get to paid offers:

Ciao! - Surveys (WW)
Datatelligence Online (USA)
CN Research
PermissionResearch (USA)
Global Test Market (WW)
Hotspex (USA, CAN)
Harris Poll Online
                                   Inbox Dollars (USA)


E-rewards (USA,CAN)
My Survey
  Digitalvoice (WW)
NPD Online Research

Opinion O
utpost (USA, CAN)

Opinion Square
(WW)                                           Valued Opinions (USA)
Panda Research (USA)
Survey 4profit (USA,CAN)
Survey Savvy

Synovate Survey (WW)